Mother & Child
Mother & Child

Mother & Child

Want to grow thousands of targeted users daily but not have to solely focus on your own content?
– Tired of spending countless hours promoting your business?
– Tired of trying to gain targeted followers?
– Ads aren’t working?
– Want to gain more sales, targeted followers, and engagement?
– Want to share a promotion with thousands of local users?
– Need to keep your main account safe from mass story viewing and other techniques?

No password needed. 100% safe and effective. Spare accounts and fan accounts are created that share your profile, message, and or promo codes. This is one of the only ways to effortlessly grow your Instagram account without worries of suspensions or shadow bans.

Additional Features:
– Gain real and instant followers, DMs, engagement, and inquiries
– Laser-targeted leads
– No contracts, 100% safe, refund guarantee.

Instagram's Mother & Child Method

Before we begin, you might be wondering, “WTF is The Mother Slave Method?”

The Mother Slave Method, sometimes called ‘The Mother Child Method’, is the most explosive growth strategy that can be used on Instagram to grow ANY account.

It has been kept underground for years on secret Instagram automation forums, however, is starting to gain popularity due to its effectiveness.

The theory behind Mother Slave is very simple. The account to be grown is called the Mother account – its job is to post quality content, sit tight and look pretty, and not worry about a thing. The heavy lifting is done by the Slave/Child accounts, which are a series of accounts created with the primary purpose of promoting the Mother account.

Looking to grow your Instagram audience with an organic and engaged audience? Looking to really build your engagement, start ranking on the top nine posts on hash tags and then even start hitting the explore page regularly?

Orenda's Mother and Child service can get you exactly the results you’re after with a proven technique that skyrockets growth and engagement time and time again.

Why use The Orenda Agency's Mother and Child?

❌ No password or login required
❌ No actions performed on your account

✅ More affordable price packaging so that its more cost effective than running ads or other growth methods that yield real growth/engagement.
✅ We have packages from 30 to 580 Fan Accounts that are suited to meet each individual’s needs.
✅ Each package provides more fan accounts per $ than what our clients are charging.
✅ Your posts will be getting increased engagement.
✅ You will be able to rank on hash tags for your niche.
✅ You will be able to rank on the explore page.
✅ We provide you with the growth numbers that we advertise. We’re not going to under-deliver on our promise. That’s one of our promises to you.

Results from some of our clients...