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Mass DM

Want to DM thousands of targeted users daily?
– Tired of sending DMs yourself to prospects?
– Tired of trying to gain targeted followers?
– Ads aren’t working?
– Want to gain more sales, targeted followers, and engagement?
– Want to share a promotion with thousands of local users?
– Need to keep your main account safe from DM'ing too much?

No password needed. 100% safe and effective. Spare accounts are created that share your profile, message, and or promo codes. You can target other people’s followers, hashtags, and/or locations!

Additional Features:
– Gain real and instant followers, DMs, engagement, and inquiries
– Can send users to a website – Find influencers or local people interested in your brand
– Laser-targeted leads
– No contracts, 100% safe, refund guarantee.
– As low as 0.009 per DM. (order more for better deal)

Wanting to get the word out about your music, product, or service?

Or drive traffic to these but not quite sure what the best way is to do it? Sure, you could spend time sending messages from your own profile but this would be far too time-consuming, and if you do it in a spam like manner, may even cause issues with your account. You could automate it using software or pay another company to do this for you, however they would require your password, and may also cause issues with your account. You don’t want to compromise on account security or longevity.

If only there were a safe, effective, fast way to spread the word about your offer/product or service without;

1) Having to give your password/login ❌
2) Having to worry about limitations/harm to your own account – after all, we’re wanting to grow this long term ❌
3) Having to spend your own valuable time managing the messages and process yourself ❌
4) Taking an unnecessarily long time to yield any result or benefit ❌

Introducing The Orenda Agencies Mass DM service. We can send 25k to 1M DM’s to get your offer the traffic it deserves, get your business and your Instagram followers gaining organic growth and traction so that they can grow effectively within an incredible turn-around on results ✅

Results from some of our clients...

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