Giphy Sticker Creation
Giphy Sticker Creation

Giphy Sticker Creation


We will create 5 high-quality, fully custom gifs that will appear on Instagram Stories indefinitely.

Are you using GIF's in your social strategy? Wish you could have your own GIFs and find them easily through Instagram, TIkTok, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp? 

Feel free to reach out anytime before placing the order so we can set expectations.

Requirements for this gig: Website and business email.


Here is what to expect and how to get started:

Step 1

Send us a list of designs you'd like to see, including specific products, phrases, concepts, or keywords that reflect your brand. Feel free to send over any brand guide materials, color palettes, and inspiration that you'd like us to incorporate into the GIFs

Step 3

We'll then make any revisions and edits and send you back the second draft. If it is still not quite perfect, you can send a revision list back once more for us to edit. Once all the GIFs are completed and match your vision, we'll move on to the final step.

Step 2

We'll put together the requested gifs and send you the first draft of them all. You will then review the order and send us any further revisions you'd like. There are a total of 2 revisions on your order, so make sure to be thorough with your order revision details.

Step 4

We'll set up your very own Giphy account and apply for approval as a brand account. You'll receive the account credentials and your Gifs will be live shortly thereafter once approved and verified.